About The Belt family

The Belt family have been hauling goods around Pembrokeshire since the early 1920’s. Like most hauliers, they began with a horse & cart transporting coal, then progressing to livestock and fertilisers, around the only major industries of the time, the railways and the farming community.

Four generations on, the strength of the business has proved that loyal hardworking staff and providing customers with a premier level of service is the key to success. For over 80 years the distinctive brown & cream livery has remained unchanged.

Much the same as the Belt Transport’s customer base. Servicing the Agriculture, Tourism, Construction, Quarrying, Shipping, Petrochemical and LNG industries, we have a wide range of experience in Pembrokeshire's exciting history.

Belt Transport

Today the business is run by Lyndon Belt. In a world of just in time deliveries, customers need an immediate response.

Being on the road amongst his staff & customers gives him the exact feel of business requirements. Spotting potential opportunities or problems before they arise.

Offering both transport & warehousing facilities Belt Transport can cover any Pembrokeshire distribution requirements


Belt Transport Pembrokeshire

We operate a fleet of 44 tonne tractor units, servicing West Wales. Working in partnership with farmers, potato co-operatives, mineral water suppliers, fellow hauliers.

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Belt Transport Pembrokeshire

To find out about our services

  • Short & Long term Storage
  • Store, Pick & Distribute
  • Keg Clamp Truck Facility
  • Refrigerated Cask Storage

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